non fiction

  1. JINGO

    The United States Marine Corps.

    The United States Marine Corps. The subtitle of this book “The Expeditionary Force at War” explains the theme that runs throughout this history of the US Marine Corps. The book is part of the Casemate Short History series, and to that end by its nature the book is not an exhaustive background...
  2. ancienturion

    Hitler’s British Isles

    In 1940 people of Great Britain waited for the Germans to invade with the intention of occupying the British Isles as soon as their attempt at bombing the country into submission had succeeded. That invasion never happened because of the resistance put up against the bombing campaign. Further...
  3. JINGO

    Crusader. General Donn Starry and the Army Of his times.

    Crusader. Donn Starry. I was immediately intrigued when I got the chance to review Mike Guardia’s book Crusader. I had recently had cause to read two books that his name had cropped up in, and was eager to learn a little more about him. The subtitle to Crusader is “General Donn Starry and the...
  4. JINGO

    The Autobiography,or Narrative of a Soldier. The Peninsular War Memiors Of William Brown of the 45th

    This book is part of the “From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815” series. Which aims to cover the period's changing face of warfare from fortress based strategy and linear battles to the nation in arms and the beginnings of total war. William Brown is a Scotsman who produced the only memoir to...