new zealand

  1. kiwidoug

    NZ SAS accused of "War Crimes"

    One of our more rabid "Authors" has released a new book accusing NZ SAS and unspecified US forces in causing multiple civilian deats in Afghanistan in 2010. I strongly suspect it's another attempt at sensationalism to drive sales, because the main author, a ***t called Nicky Hager has accused...
  2. Nyamazan

    LE Officer tfr to NZ Army in 3 yrs time

    Hi there, I am an RSM at the moment and once I hopefully come off the LE commissioning board as a Capt I want to apply for the NZ Army as an Officer. Is it reasonable to think that I would be able to stay a Captain and has anyone done this. My folks live in NZ and I am determined to get over...