1. D

    Loss of Resettlement Assistance at 55? Watch out if you are extended...

    A very good friend and current work colleague - a Group Captain - was offered an extension (at 52) from 55 to 60, which he accepted (kids at school etc). However, he has decided to dabble in a few resettlement courses and was told - categorically - that he cannot undertake any resettlement...
  2. H

    Am I the only mong that doesn't get NEM for re?

    Just got selected for my lance jack, no congratulations necessary. Was looking at the abn and the pay 16 page and cannot make heads or tales of it concerning what OR rate il be going onto when I post into Malta troop at Gib (treat ya sen) . If anyone's reading this who could help, or just leave...
  3. Z

    NEM pay loss with NI rise

    Anyone else taken a pay cut in take home with the NEM. Most of the JNCOs and Privates have taken a pay cut in my case £9 pound less a month not a lot but proves the MOD where lying through their teeth and yet another reason for signing off.
  4. alfred_the_great

    NEM Released

    The new pay scales are out, on the front page of the Defence Intranet, if you wish to look... _________________ Admin edit. More info here:
  5. R

    NEM pay.

    Anyone had any info on the new pay levels yet? With 3 months to go I've heard nothing. Posted from the ARRSE Mobile app (iOS or Android)