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  1. B

    Looking for advice uniform ww2

    Hello, I want to expand my collection by buying a uniform from ww2. (In parts, I don't need to buy it all at once). I was thinking about a British or German infantry uniform. (I know German uniforms are more expensive). Does anyone has a uniform they would recommend I look for/advice? Edit to...
  2. JNM

    First army interview help.

    My interview is for next Wednesday. I’m fairly confident with most of the questions I’ll probably get but should I wear a shirt and tie or the full suit? Also I’ve been asked to run the 1.5 mile and record a time. Will it matter that I’m not quite at the 13-14 minute mark yet? I’ll have got...
  3. B


    Right, so I've moved to a new unit where my lockers fucked and the first week of being there some count has stolen my respirator.... I don't want to bring it up to squadron just yet as i don't not know how much I will get billed? Does any dusty QM know how much I will get billed???