1. exbluejob

    Nuremberg: A personal record of the trial of major of major Nazi War Criminals

    Review by exBluejob I think most of the uuuumm, more mature, members of Arrse will be familiar with the name Airey Neave, if only because he was murdered by the IRA. I certainly wasn’t aware of his backstory but reading Nuremberg made me want to read up a bit more. The book is his, very...
  2. Themanwho

    Hitler's Collaborators

    Hitler’s Collaborators Written by Philip Morgan, this book details the methodology, apparatus and legacy of collaboration in occupied Europe. The author has previously written several books on the growth of European Fascism, mainly concentrating on Italy. Rather than covering ground most...
  3. Themanwho


    Written by the crime writer Graham Hurley, this historical thriller is listed as part of the Author’s WW2 - related “Wars Within” series of stand alone stories, although it is set completely in the period before the war. The action starts in civil war Spain centring around Dieter Merz, a Condor...
  4. Themanwho

    The Third Reich in 100 Objects

    "The Third Reich in One Hundred Objects" is an attempt to chronicle the history and effect of the Third Reich through a selection of artifacts. This sort of exercise is not usually my cup of tea, as I’ve always felt the effect of producing a list of things seems to be “Look at the shiny”, a...