1. MoleBath

    The Modern Cruiser

    Our generation would readily assume the cruiser is a naval fixture and fitting. In fact the cruiser as we know it only emerged in the late 1860s as iron hulls supplanted timber. Until then there were battleships of the line, frigates ,corvettes etc of various rates and a plethora of sloops...
  2. Subsunk

    ‘Securing the Narrow Sea – the Dover Patrol 1914-1918’

    ‘Securing the Narrow Sea – the Dover Patrol 1914-1918’ Steve R. Dunn, Seaforth Publishing, Barnsley ISBN 978-1-84832-249-3 Royal Naval First World War history often throws up reference to the Dover Patrol, and it has become part of the background scenery to stories such as the attacks on...
  3. Subsunk

    ‘Seaforth World Naval Review 2016’ – Edited by Conrad Waters, Seaforth Publishing, Barnsley, ISBN 97

    My latest leave got off to a good start with the arrival of Seaforth’s World Naval Review 2016. This continues to provide essential insights and general purpose ‘joining up of dots’ which is often hard to achieve from Open Sources such as Naval or industry PR exercises. Sober, deeply...