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naval review

  1. Subsunk

    'Navies in the 21st Century' Seaforth Publishing, edited by Conrad Waters

    ‘Navies in the 21st Century’ – Edited by Conrad Waters, Seaforth Publishing, Barnsley, 2016, ISBN-978-1-4738-4991-4 The 25 years since the end of the Cold War have seen massive change wrought on the field of maritime warfare. Naval planners across the globe face a thankless task in dealing...
  2. seaweed

    The Naval Review - 'Bored of Admiralty'

    The Naval Review - The Independent Professional Journal Navigate to 1975 issue 3 and scroll down to 'Bored of Admiralty' for a gentle giggle. It's a bit dated but I liked it. @jim30 your comments welcome! Somebody I served with back in the Stone Age told me of a black hole in Bath to which he...