napoleonic wars

  1. MoleBath

    Book Review: Wellington's Light Division In The Peninsular War

    The Peninsular campaign has been researched with various degrees of skill and zeal for decades. Looking at any new offering it is an obvious thought; What’s left to write about? The author has assembled a first class set of historical data, photographs of the ground, maps and contemporary...
  2. MoleBath

    Wellington's History Of The Peninsular War

    To a generation coloured by Bernard Cornwall’s eminently readable Sharpe series this is a chance to return to the root sources. Stuart Reid has assembled the Duke of Wellington’s published despatches. They form a contemporary account of the campaign , the key item for the serious historian is...
  3. MoleBath

    General Sir Ralph Abercrombie and the French Revolutionary wars 1792-1801

    Abercromby is not the best known general of the late 18th century . A previous work by J A Dunfermline is periodically reprinted but Carole Divall has brought an interesting and devoted soldier out from the shadows. Her work has primary and secondary sources and has obviously been thoroughly...