1. Cynical

    Napoleon and the Art of Leadership

    Napoleon is one of the military leaders who attracts authors; I assume that – rather like Churchill – any biography or analysis including his name will sell. Similarly, he also possesses an ability to beguile and fascinate military historians of all types and capabilities – some become...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars - A Concise Dictionary 1792 - 1815

    Kevin F Kiley is a retired US Marine Corps artillery officer who has written a number of other books on Napoleonic artillery and generals. This book, though, is his magnus opus. It is exactly what it says on the cover - a dictionary of everything you need to know about the artillery during the...
  3. OneTenner

    Napoleon’s Paris

    Review by Onetenner I’d like to start by saying this book was an absolute pleasure to read, it’s written authoritatively, with enthusiasm and an easy pace to follow. To my mind, a lot of books of this ilk can be too stilted and dry, this has a good flow and the author’s clear enthusiasm shines...
  4. Fang_Farrier

    The French at Waterloo. Eyewitness accounts, Napoleon, Imperial Headquarters and 1st Corps

    This is an interesting book complied by a known Napoleonic scholar and ex British Army Officer. Field has numerous previous book on the era and the Napoleonic Wars so is well qualified in this area. It is basically exactly as it says on in the title, a collection of eye witness accounts from...
  5. BratMedic

    Battle for Paris 1815

    Have you ever wondered what happened after the battle of Waterloo? Well, this book has all the answers. French field officers wanted revenge for Waterloo and so the French fought on after the battle, retreating steadily towards Paris whilst fighting and skirmishing against the Prussian army...