1. RoyalGreenJacket

    'Asian Men' - coming here doing kung-fu, making our chow-mein, fixing our phones and - raping our kids?

    Anyone else getting a bit weary of the MSM abusing the term 'Asian men' to describe these gangs of Muslims abusing our kids? Read more - Asian gang 'got girl high before biting and raping her' in Sherwood Forest I highly doubt these 'Asian Men' were the type that own a Chinese take-away and...
  2. RoyalGreenJacket

    UK: 'Teacher' who trained kids for terror attacks jailed for 25 years

    A man who trained children as young as 11 for terrorist attacks has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 25 years. Self-styled teacher Umar Haque, 25, was planning to use guns and a car packed with explosives to hit 30 high-profile targets including Big Ben, Heathrow...
  3. chuggafugga

    Australian senator defends wearing burka in parliament after backlash

    Looks like someones causing a lot of controversy, she's campaigning for the burka to be banned, "Pauline Hanson says wearing a burka is "not Australian" and tells people who want to wear one to "go back to an Islamic country", it also degrades security measures and poses an active threat...
  4. RoyalGreenJacket

    Syria aid convoys: Two guilty over terror funding

    oh look - these 2 'British' guys have been found guilty: Syed Hoque, 37, of Stoke-on-Trent, and Mashoud Miah, 27, of east London, were both convicted of funding terrorism i just can't believe it.
  5. RoyalGreenJacket

    Europe's new weakest link?

    Romania set to have its first woman and first Muslim as PM we've seen how Christian Merkel's ideas panned out, how will Europe fare if Muslim Shhaideh becomes the gatekeeper to Europe's eastern frontier ?
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    duplicate - disregard
  7. RoyalGreenJacket

    Jewish rabbi stabbed by attacker shouting 'Allah Akbar' in France

    as I predicted correctly last week - it appears another one of the Muslims has tried to murder and maim in the name of his religion today: BREAKING: Jewish rabbi stabbed by attacker shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in France i see this latest attack by one of the Muslims was also quickly caveated by...
  8. RoyalGreenJacket

    Canadian Police shoot dead Muslim 'suicide bomber'

    one of the Muslims in Canada was shot dead by Police today before he managed to carry out a suicide bombing in an attempt to murder and maim many in the name of his religion: Muslim Suicide bomber killed after Canadian Mounties thwart terror attack a lucky escape for the Canadians from another...
  9. RoyalGreenJacket

    Bataclan - the gruesome atrocities and other made up stories

    it looks like the Muslims who took part in the attack on the Bataclan may have went out of their way to really cause the most gruesome torture, hurt, pain and humiliation to their hostages, with accounts of their victims being beheaded, men being castrated and having their testicles put into...