1. S

    Brass Band Players wanted in the Salisbury Area

    Anyone out there in the Salisbury area (serving military, families, all ages and abilities) who are interested in joining us in the Wilton and District Brass Band, please let me know.
  2. Goatman

    Prog Rock - rage of the dinosaurs.....

    Well, for those who missed it....lots of amusing clips from some laconic Brit commentators (Bill Bailey, Rick Wakeman, Reeves& Mortimer, Stuart Maconie, Ian Anderson. Lemmy ) and some great music. Revel in your hidden secret shame :) - groovy man ! edit: hey - this groovy thread is...
  3. Kromeriz

    Foreign music - non English lyrics.

    So many arrsers have travelled the globe and must have got hooked on a tune. Currently, I love this one: However, I love Jana Kirschner, mainly because she has great tits... Be positive, learning a foreign language is fun when you have great music. Panzerlied is allowed.
  4. thegimp

    Multi-format enjoyment

    Its not an original idea (Been done since the dead sea scrolls no doubt) but I'm getting some pleasure from reading books while referencing (Watching, listening) to the events in the books on youtube, The films, interviews, performances, cultural references, music I started with no middle...
  5. Bris

    Marathon Music

    Ladies/Gents/Assorted creatures, For reasons that escape me now, but were apparently very clear when 6 pints deep one night, I've signed up to run a marathon. In Uganda. Yes, I am aware that there's one that's kind of a big deal closer to my London home, and yes, I'm aware that the country...