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  1. Blindjustice

    Sligo murder of two gay men

  2. JINGO

    Book Review Convicting The Moors Murderers. The arrest, trial, and imprisonment of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. By Chris Cook.

    Convicting the Moors Murderers. The arrest trial and imprisonment of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley by Chris Cook. I’ll start by pointing out that this is the second book in a series by Mr Cook so that nobody is under any illusions. I will also say that for anyone with a passing interest or...
  3. theoriginalphantom

    Book Review The Return of the Ripper? Kevin Turton. Pen and Sword True Crime

    If it wasn't for the title mentioning 'the ripper' I could start this by saying what's special about 1888, specifically London? Mention Whitechapel and most people think of 'Jack the ripper'. but did The Ripper kill after 1888? If we ignore war crimes, then Jack the Ripper is one of the most...
  4. JINGO

    Book Review The Hagley Wood Murder. Nazi Spies and Witchcraft in Wartime Britain. By M.J. Trow.

    The Hagley Wood Murder was a bizarre case from the early Second World War that has has all the elements of a rather far fetched Detective novel. An unidentified woman’s body stuffed into the hollow trunk of a tantalising named species of tree, a Wych Elm found by lads out looking for birds eggs...
  5. Nemesis44UK

    Murderer admits necrophilia with 100+ victims

    From the BBC: David Fuller admits double murder and having sex with over a hundred corpses whilst in the employ of the NHS. Ages ranged from 9 to 90 and he videotaped a lot of the offences. Police have assembled a task force of FLOs to try...
  6. RoyalGreenJacket

    Royalty Loyalty

    Check this out for fecked up - a Kenyan woman, cut off a murdered Malawi man's penis, to protect Prince William, from Kate Middleton, in Dublin :oops...
  7. C

    The Root of Evil

    ‘The Root of Evil’ is an enjoyable crime novel by the acclaimed Swedish writer Håkan Nesser, translated into the English by Sarah Death. It is the second of the Inspector Barbarotti books to be translated into English, the first being ‘The Darkest Day’. It was originally published in 2007 in...
  8. M

    Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales

    This book would make a good Christmas present. The six murderous tales should ideally be savoured on a dark winter's night. P D James was the acknowledged “Queen of Crime”, a title previously borne by Agatha Christie. Her fictional detectives, such as DCI Adam Dalgleish and Ms Cordelia Gray...
  9. S

    Family appeal for murdered Royal Marine

    The family of murdered Royal Marine Carl Davies are asking for people to sign a petition for the UK government to raise the case with the French authorities...
  10. JINGO


    From the opening paragraphs the authors wonderful, descriptive prose sets an all to familiar scene to those of us that have trotted the bogs and borderlands of this divided Country. The author uses his words to paint the sometimes desolate, lonely, but always beautiful setting of this crime...
  11. RoyalGreenJacket


    duplicate - disregard
  12. RoyalGreenJacket

    Canadian Police shoot dead Muslim 'suicide bomber'

    one of the Muslims in Canada was shot dead by Police today before he managed to carry out a suicide bombing in an attempt to murder and maim many in the name of his religion: Muslim Suicide bomber killed after Canadian Mounties thwart terror attack a lucky escape for the Canadians from another...
  13. RoyalGreenJacket

    Bataclan - the gruesome atrocities and other made up stories

    it looks like the Muslims who took part in the attack on the Bataclan may have went out of their way to really cause the most gruesome torture, hurt, pain and humiliation to their hostages, with accounts of their victims being beheaded, men being castrated and having their testicles put into...
  14. Cliff Richard

    Former British Soldier Confirmed Dead in Pattaya

    Missing ex-soldier & current security contractors' body identified in Bangkok morgue one month after his death which allegedly occurred during a robust drunken romp with a ladyboy: New angle now being reported...