1. STABross

    Bulldog ECU2

    Anyone ever tried a pair of Bulldog ECU2 trousers? They look similar to Crye Precision's combat trews but they go for 79.99 on UKMCpro. Saw one review of a bloke who says they're just as good as Crye but he's an airsofter so his opinion doesn't really count for much. Bulldog ECU2 Combat...
  2. AsterixTG

    FS - Brand Spankers Camelbak BFM - Laser Cut Molle

    I had a Camelbak Trizip that I loved but the top flap pocket liner ripped so I sent it back to Camelbak for repair/replacement. It's now discontinued but they've replaced it with a new Multicam BFM - sadly they couldn't get hold of any black ones and I could be a bit past walting it now going on...
  3. Bad CO

    Scapa (Erebis/MTP) IRR Sniper Tape

    It has been a busy day for equipment related news. Another item in by email is that there is a UK supplier for the Scapa Erebis (*MTP compatible) sniper tape which meets military Infra Red Reflective (IRR) standards. Look at the images below to get a feel for how good it is. Features...