1. REMEbrat

    Fading DPM

    How can I fade the DPM on my webbing so it is closer to the shade of MTP clothing?
  2. chuggafugga

    Practical kit ideas?

    A guy has come along whom actually makes decent kit for me and does a good job, using UK spec buckles, fabric and the rest, after actually flogging it to some squaddies it's come up decent, any one got any practical ideas on what we are currently lacking so I can put them forward to him? I've...
  3. K

    Longback bergen

    Extremely stupid and there's a high chance I haven't done as much digging as I should have done. But does the long back bergen sit above the webbing if you are roughly 6" (given that your webbing is set up to the typical height)?
  4. T

    Issued military clothing for Airsofting?

    I have finally invested in airsofting and i am almost to go apart from general clothing. what are the rules on wearing issued military uniform (spare) for airsofting. i am not planning to wear a complete set and will not be wearing any badges or rank tab. Just my boots, MTP PCS trousers, shirt...
  5. J

    Marksman badge on MTP?

    Just curious, I remember when I was in, snipers and pioneers could always wear their trade badges in MTP no problems. I also remember that it was a massive grey area wether marksmen could wear their crossed rifles on combats, I remember we could have it on our No.2's (FADS) but sometimes we'd...
  6. S

    Jay jays or dragon supplies?

    Im after a new set of mtp because my dpm is slowly falling apart (don't blame it it's from the original issue of plce dpm) and I've seen a lot of lads using stuff from jay jays and dragon supplies and have said each are good. Which one should I go for to get tailored mtp webbing?
  7. B

    How do i stop pouches shifting?

    I bought a molle hippo belt and added my purchased pouches onto it, I'm currently in the acf as an adult and it's became an issue that they bounce around and create noise, does anyone know how to keep these still and stop the noise happening every time i blink.
  8. G

    What should i do to improve my osprey webbing?

    I have one of these, the straps ain't amazing but they'll do (it's only for cadets). I have four double mag pouches a med pouch and two utility pouches. Is there anything I should do to improve it i have a clip belt to secure it. Should i just replace it with jay jays or Dixie's
  9. PteShuffle

    WANTED - MTP Bergen - Short Convoluted Back

    Hi everyone, I'm desperate for a short-back MTP bergen. I recently got issued a MTP in a long-back size and so far it's been savage on TAB - funnily enough it's too long for me. Looking for someone with the equal but opposite requirements to do a direct swap or someone with one spare. Would...
  10. B

    Wanted Mtp virtus

    Wanted I'm looking for the source hydration bladder in Mtp if anyone has one for sale would like to have it thanks
  11. B

    Mtp plce

    Anybody know of all that is included in the Mtp plce what has come over from dpm
  12. pinksniper

    MTP Sniper Smock 180/96 - £80

  13. Bad CO

    Scapa (Erebis/MTP) IRR Sniper Tape

    It has been a busy day for equipment related news. Another item in by email is that there is a UK supplier for the Scapa Erebis (*MTP compatible) sniper tape which meets military Infra Red Reflective (IRR) standards. Look at the images below to get a feel for how good it is. Features...