1. D

    MPGS SDSR 2020

    Hello, I’m currently serving in the RN and want to transfer to MPGS. How safe is MPGS for job security? Could it be disbanded after SDSR 2020 or will they be safe? I’m looking at Bramcote Barracks as I’m from Coventry. Is that one of the better bases or best to be avoided? Any general info...
  2. pkdan

    Transfers and seniority

    Hello hello this is long shot, cant see the RCMO yet as ive been grinding for a year and due a bukshee promotion (even though it wont happen in the MPGS because its the slowest progessing job in the world, had to learn the hard way) and if my boss catches wind he will put the brown noser in...
  3. Scott7534

    Resettlement Grant (discharge after 12 yrs)

    Hi all, I need abit of help, i left the RA in 2013 and rejoined the MPGS in 2015 (did reservist in between) i signed off this week and im out in 3 months, on JPA it say yrs reckonable service etc, im on AFPS 15 now now my question is... Would i get the resettlement grant as stated in...