1. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Team BRIT promotes positive effects of motorsport on mental health

    Team BRIT – a motor racing team of injured military troops is raising awareness of how motorsport can help in the rehabilitation of injured veterans, and those suffering with PTSD or depression. Read more...
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Learner Driving Centre (LDC)

    LDC operates one of the most successful national driving school networks in the UK. Rise above the rest, train with the best and join a team that works…. In the last 12 months we have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of enquiries from people who want to learn to drive with one of...
  3. guzzijon

    The Grand Tour.

    Not seen any threads on this- although there are obviously a plethora of Top Gear ones. Today's Sunday Times magazine has been mostly turned over to all things Grand Tour, with individual articles by Clarkson, May and Hammond as well as Andy Wilman as well as an interview of the trio by Camilla...