monte cassino

  1. BratMedic


    This book features the memoirs of seventeen volunteers and one conscript who fought from Poland in 1939, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands during 1940/41 including the airborne and glider assault on the Belgian redoubt of Eben Emael. Operation Mercury, the airborne invasion of the...
  2. Cynical

    Tank Attack at Monte Cassino

    Before the Second World War the Italian Army considered that Monte Cassino might be that rarest of military things, an impregnable position. In the winter of 1943-44 the British Army in Italy did their best to prove them right. This well researched and readable book details the Cavendish Road...
  3. untallguy

    Monte Cassino: Opening the Road to Rome

    Monte Cassino by Richard Doherty is another book on the fighting in and around Cassino in 1944. The book covers the fighting in Italy before the campaign, the battles themselves and the subsequent advance on Rome. Doherty has done a good job here in putting together a narrative to cover a...
  4. Joshua Slocum

    Images of War : Monte Cassino

    When I first saw this book, I fully expected to find it composed of photographic plates with a few words about the images and perhaps a small introduction, rather like a coffee table book. However I was pleasantly surprised, not having seen this particular format of book before to find that...