model kits

  1. Smeggers

    Airfix 1/76 Bedford QLT & QLD in-box review

    Airfix, the name that conjures the image of the small boy assembling a plane, while his pipe-smoking Dad looks proudly on. Most of us remember our first Airfix kit, some of us fondly, most of us, with horror at the mess we made. The company has gone through many rebirths and restructures, and is...
  2. Smeggers

    In-box review for IBG 1/72 Bedford QLD &QLR

    IBG are a Polish company, producing plastic injection moulded kits in both 1/72 and 1/35 scales. Their attention to detail is superb, including kit parts that other manufacturers tend to leave as moulded on. The first thing you notice when you receive one of these kits is the size of the box...
  3. Smeggers

    Metcalfe Models Parish Church

    HO/OO Scale (1/76 scale) Pre-printed card and plain card I left these models alone for a long time, thinking, "they're only for kids". How wrong was I? These are serious models which require a good study of instruction sheets and a sensible approach to building. The following are also...