1. chuggafugga

    Dominoes Discount

    Just a note to be careful with this, you have to actually call the store and mention it despite troopscout stipulating just show your ID to the driver, after placing my order online because I couldn't get through and despite putting the fact I was in possession of MOD90 and eligible for 25% off...
  2. chuggafugga


    Any clue on if you get a discount with your MOD90 or Defence Discount Service card?
  3. D

    British Army, RN, RAF ID CARDS before MOD 90

    Hello everybody I am making a research about British Armed Forces ID cards before MOD 90 and design evolution of MOD 90 (not including current form). Specifically I am looking for help regarding: - ID cards issued by each branch from the end of WWII to the introduction of MOD 90 - evolution of...