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  1. MoleBath

    Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck

    Despite a long military career and achieving Field Marshal’s rank Auchinleck has attracted few biographers. John Connell and more recently , Philip Warner come to mind. Barrie Pitt examined the Western Desert command as did Hart–Davis some decades ago. Part of this may be due to Auchinleck not...
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  3. MoleBath

    Book Review: With a Royal Engineers Field Company In France & Italy

    The Royal Engineers have left relatively few Great War memoirs for some reason. This republished work by V F Eberle is a rare gem. Originally titled My Sapper Venture copies of the original are few and far between. Pen and Sword deserve the thanks of readers for reviving this work. A further...
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    Joys of War

    John Paul Jordan is an Irishman, an adventurer and a fighter; Still a young man, not yet 40 and he has seen and endured a lot in a relatively short period of time. Following on from a happy childhood in Ireland, where his childhood activities included cross-border smuggling and the breakdown of...
  5. JINGO

    Crusader. General Donn Starry and the Army Of his times.

    Crusader. Donn Starry. I was immediately intrigued when I got the chance to review Mike Guardia’s book Crusader. I had recently had cause to read two books that his name had cropped up in, and was eager to learn a little more about him. The subtitle to Crusader is “General Donn Starry and the...
  6. M

    Ironside: The Authorised Biography of Field Marshal Lord Ironside

    The Royal Artillery (RA) produced two of the three Chiefs of the Imperial General Staff (CIGS) who served this country during the Second World War. One was Lord Alanbrooke. Everyone has heard of Alanbrooke but, outside the RA, few have ever heard of the other, who was William Ironside. Why is...
  7. JINGO

    The Autobiography,or Narrative of a Soldier. The Peninsular War Memiors Of William Brown of the 45th

    This book is part of the “From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815” series. Which aims to cover the period's changing face of warfare from fortress based strategy and linear battles to the nation in arms and the beginnings of total war. William Brown is a Scotsman who produced the only memoir to...