military aviation history

  1. dockers

    Breaking the Military Covenant – why British Servicemen are dying unnecessarily

    David Hill has written previously on this huge subject, in Their Greatest Disgrace – the campaign to clear the Chinook ZD576 pilots, and has another book titled Red 5 – an injustice, in the works. He has been a prominent campaigner since his retirement from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for...
  2. JINGO

    Gerhart Fieseler. The man behind the Storch.

    I’m not going to lie I picked up this book with little enthusiasm, I mean it’s the Storch. If it was a Focke Wolf 190 I may have been interested but...... It turns out that Gerhart Fieselers story is actually very interesting indeed. I am not sure that I would have liked him if I met him but...
  3. Subsunk

    ‘Combat Biplanes of World War 2’ – Peter C. Smith, Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley, ISBN-1783400854

    Another definitive subject matter study, written by an expert and published by Pen & Sword. The pace of aircraft development up to, say 1990, generally was nothing short of phenomenal, but even so, there were phases when there were particularly rapid leaps forward. The decade of the 1930s, as...