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  1. MoleBath

    Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck

    Despite a long military career and achieving Field Marshal’s rank Auchinleck has attracted few biographers. John Connell and more recently , Philip Warner come to mind. Barrie Pitt examined the Western Desert command as did Hart–Davis some decades ago. Part of this may be due to Auchinleck not...
  2. JINGO

    Irgun. Revisionist Zionism, 1931-1948.

    That the Middle East is a complicated region both historically and politically should come as no surprise to even the most unobservant member of this site. It has been quite obvious over the last decade that there has been an interesting and in some quarters controversial increase in trade in...
  3. Goatman

    Saudi Arabia Uncovered?

    I used the Search function and came across a single post thread on Raif Baddawi Shock Horror!! Alibhai-Brown writes sensible article - and for the record I loathe Ms Alibi-Braun and all her dubious works. In 2016, ITV screened a 2 part documentary called Saudi Arabia Uncovered Saudi...
  4. manchesterutd


    Has any fellow ARRSE member done UK MT SNCO job in the Middle East like Qatar, Turkey etc etc. if yes, PROS and CONS of the Job would be highly appreciated as I got a choice between CQMS for decompression in Cyprus or UK MT SNCO in the middle East. I know this sounds sad but I would rather do...
  5. M

    UAE - Working

    Hi All, www.momentumsecurity.co.uk has a number of roles out in the UAE and other locations. take a look as you never know where it might lead.
  6. T

    Regional Intelligence

    A great roundup of intelligence from across the region. This will be a weekly publication: Regional Intelligence update to 05 Nov 15