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mess dress

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    Representing In Civvies

    Hi. I've not worn a uniform in over 25 years. I still have my stable belt, though. I've been invited to attend a black tie dinner with my son's Air Training Corps. I know that there will be other folks there in various mess dress. I've observed that it seems commonplace to wear a beret at...
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    RLC female Officer Mess dress for sale-size 8

    Female RLC mess dress-apx size 8/10 In very good condition-Capt pips.
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    RAMC ladies mess dress wanted!

    I'm looking for ladies RAMC SNCO mess dress without having to have it made! Size 12-14 and about 5'5" Does anyone know of anyone looking to get rid of theirs? Thanks
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    Wanted RAMC female mess dress

    I'm in need of a female RAMC mess dress and jacket. Size 12/14 and 5ft 7 in height. Any help or direction as to where I can get one would be appreciated.
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    Wanted Duke of Lancasters Officers Mess Dress

    Duke of Lancaster's Officers Mess Dress wanted.. 6ft tall, Chest 42", Waist 36" Please let me know if you have one to sell.