mental illness

  1. Noob1

    Depression - Downgraded Appendix 9

    I have been to a civilian GP/ Doctor and been diagnosed with Depression and given anti depressants (sertraline 50mg) I’ve informed the MO/ med centre at work and they’ve said they’ll keep me on the medication for 6 months and have downgraded me to be non deployable and not handle weapons which...
  2. Noob1

    Welfare - Mental Health

    Please no piss takes or digs unless genuinely funny.. I’ve only been in a year had a really hard upbringing with family life and my step Dad being an emotional abusive alcoholic throughout my childhood. I joined like many others to escape this to better myself and keep myself on the right...
  3. thegimp

    Parent showing signs of dementia

    I thought I'd put this the medical forum tricky business dealing with parents, my old man, a very capable, active chap has been displaying unusual and certainly out of character behaviour. His comprehension of situations seems to be off kilter. He is firmly in the school of thought that...