1. Cynical

    War, Peace and Whitehall

    There are very few people who have commanded at every level from platoon to army group, particularly in the UK. Given that the current British Army would struggle to deploy a brigade it’s unlikely that there will be many more British Field Marshalls, let along any with the depth of experience of...
  2. W

    Pathfinder Pilot

    This is the posthumously published memoir of a Bomber Command pilot (R.A. Wellington) who started his career with Main Force, moved to a Pathfinder Squadron and, upon being rested, to a staff job at Pathfinder headquarters. It is difficult to know exactly when the memoir was written; although...
  3. Cynical

    Where The Tempest Gathers

    The author, an American, was educated at St Paul's School (on of the best English public schools), studied philosophy at UCL, law at Westminster and then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a private soldier. Demanding to join the infantry. Clearly not a typical entrant to the USMC...