1. theoriginalphantom

    I have a question about medical.

    If only there was a thread for medical matters
  2. A

    Dental Nurse / Qualified Nurse

    Hi! I'm looking to join the Army as a Dental Nurse (I am already qualified), I cant find much info online about what its like to work in dentistry in the army (or even the medical side of things)? I have my two night assessment next month so just looking for some background on what its like...
  3. S

    Eyesight standards for RAMC

    Do the army allow people with +8.00 vision in the left eye and +5.25 vision in the right to serve as I’ve heard different things from different people such as it being a case by case basis. I have been to my Afco but they were no help, thank you
  4. C

    RGMD - Claw toe

    I’m about to hand my RGMD into my GP and I have a concern around an operation I had on a ‘claw toe’ in 2009. I know at the time the surgeon explained that the army do not usually let people join with a claw toe but has this changed? I’ve never had any issues with it even with regular long...
  5. ganonville

    Joining the reserves as a paramedic.

    Was looking for some advice regarding reserves recruitment. I am an NHS student paramedic currently and therefore once qualified would like to join as a professionally qualified paramedic officer. However, I am still training and will not be qualified until 2021. I am not sure what my best...
  6. F

    Cronic Sinusitis - broken nose will it stop me?

    Posted this before what on the wrong forum. Hi everyone, looking to get some information on whether this will possibly stop me from joining up? I have cronic sinusitis from a breaking my nose 4 times due to boxing and I have to use a nasal spray up to 5 times a day to be able to breath through...
  7. A

    Gallstones from 4years old

    I have applied to join the forces but due to having gallstones i have been rejected as i am apparently medically unfit for service (P8). I was diagnosed at 4 with them and have lived with them for my life, i can only be medically cleared if i get my gallbladder removed and i would be given the...
  8. K


    Goood evening, not sure if I’m posting in the right place or whatever but I don’t know where else to seek help as my army recruiter won’t discuss medical issues with me which is fair enough. I have served in the reserves for a year in 2016 and passed my assessment and went to training. As a...
  9. R

    Medical Deferral, What Now?

    Yesterday, i received a medical deferral for a migraine i had around a year ago. I will have to wait until l April 2020 (14 months from now) before i can even reapply. Obviously i am gutted as i had my heart set on this but such is life and i very much plan to reapply in April of next year...
  10. Q

    ‘Skin dermatitis’ on Medical forms

    Alright Chaps, Filled out the medical forms with the GP today to be sent off. The one and only thing that was put on my form was about me coming to the docs once 2 years ago about dry, cracked skin on my hands. It happened only once, cleared up immediately and nothing like since - the doc wrote...
  11. E

    British Army - Scrutiny TMU

    Hello all, wondering if anyone can help me, i had applied for the British army, but i was not successful due to medical records and received a letter titled 'Scrutiny Temporally Medically Unfit', because this says temporally unfit does this mean i can apply again at a later date?, i plan to...
  12. M

    RAF Nurse Questions

    So I'm a 3rd year Male Nursing student and will most likely be joining the RAF when completing my degree. I just wanted to ask some questions if there are any serving or former RAF nurses. -Is there any choice upon completing your phase 2 training of what specialist area you go into? ( for...
  13. T

    Failed RGMD for false reasons.

    Got a message through the portal saying I had failed the medical that the GP had to send off. On the message it says I failed due to headaches I had at the start of the year, because I was receiving ongoing medication. I could partially understand that, however I am not on any medication from...
  14. K


    Got deferred from the army for back pain being in my medical history. I attempted to appeal it and got a medical letter from my GP saying I am free from any symptoms regarding back pain and I am fit and healthy to proceed along with the application. Unfortunately this appeal was rejected. Got...
  15. B

    Do I need to bring a prescription with me to the Medical test and drug tests?

    Hey guys I’m 15 and I’m currently on medication containing codiene for the pain, I’m worried that this will show positive for heroin in my drugs test but I can’t just stop a few days before (I assume it’s a urine test) as I’ll be in a bit of pain, I don’t know if I’ll still be on medication then...
  16. F

    Joining after ACL Reconstruction

    I've been interested in joining the Army as officer for 5 years now (I am 21). I have been declined multiple times just from the first medical questionnaire because I had ACL reconstruction 5 years ago. I have a letter from a knee specialist (who performed the surgery) stating that I am fully...
  17. C


    Hey guys, currently in the process of joining but have a couple of questions you might be able to shed some light on, I have a condition known as congenital nystagmus and although it is not severe I reckon it will hurt my chances of gaining entry, does anyone know of anybody in service with this...
  18. V

    Assessment centre medical

    Now guys, I've had my army brief last week and everything went well and the guy told me he'd be in contact in a couple weeks for a date for the assessment centre, however I'm abit on edge as I've had an inhaler from my gp in the past that was given to me to try out for a week but I didn't use it...
  19. T

    Medical - Previous Depression and S8

    Hey all, Firstly, I know this has come up on numerous threads which I have searched through and read. So apologies for another similar thread which no doubt will touch on similar comment/situations made by others. However, I wanted to see if things have changed or if depression is being...
  20. L

    Pnuemothorax (collapsed lung)

    Hi everyone, 2 years ago I had a very small pneumothorax (less than 2cm’s). Bed rest for a week or two and cleared itself up with no need for treatment. Absolutely no issues whatsoever since. Anyway I’d like to join the infantry as a reservist, wondering if this might hinder my application...
  21. M

    Joining and debt.

    Hello all Sorry if this is in the wrong section, new here. I have been considering joining for a while now, specifically a medical area (unqualified). But I am looking into other options. However, I do have a significant amount of debt on my shoulders and I am currently in a DMP. I am only 24...
  22. S

    Having a squint in the army.

    I have been extremely worried recently as I have applied and am currently awaiting selection, however I have both amblyopia and strabismus in my right eye, it’s pretty slight and my visual acuity Is decent in both eyes Right eye: 6/9 incorrected Left eye: 6/6 incorrected Just wondering if...
  23. N

    Dental Question

    Hi, I was directed here from the Navy Site. Finding it hard to find help regarding dental issues and the medical. I am looking to join up in the next few months. The only medical worry I have is that my previous NHS dentist said that I have a TMD - temporomandibular disorder - a clicky jaw...
  24. C

    Medical form. Application to join.

    I've applied to join the army (with intentions of going to AFC Harrogate in September 2018). I have a few things to ask: 1) I've taken the Medical form for my GP to fill in (where they enclose my medical history) but they said it could take up to 2 weeks for them to sort it. How will I know when...
  25. E

    Medical Question

    -Stupid Question-
  26. R

    Failed Army Medical

    I failed the army medical for eczema, because of this I cannot reapply for 3 years. The eczema is now gone so could I join the Royal Marines? Would they know of my failed army medical and not let me join?
  27. S

    Medically unsuitable ... Appealing

    Good afternoon I am just looking to see if anyone on here has been on in the same situation as me and what their outcome was. So my application was flying through and I was just waiting on my medical records to be reviewed and then I was to get a date for 2 day assessment. Then this morning...
  28. The Angry Peanut

    Medical - Cannabis

    Hi all, Had a medical ahead of my AOSB a couple weeks ago and the Dr said they needed a bit more info about a past injury, no biggie. However i did admit to having smoked cannabis a couple of times a couple years ago (during freshers). Will that affect my application? I asked them if it would...
  29. L

    Medical Rejected for The Army Reserve.

    I have been trying to join the Army Reserve and I went through the medical screening with the online questionnaire and then the medical review via GP. The GP confirmed that my medical is of true and I am fit to join the Reserve. Weeks later, I get a letter from the medical board rejecting my...
  30. W

    Army Deferral On Medical Grounds.

    Hi Guys, So first a bit of background I am currently going through the stages of joining the army, I have recently had my Army Brief and Face to face interview before assessment centre. During my admin part of the brief I happened to mention I have a blood condition which I was born with called...
  31. I

    Failed/deferred medical because of depression?

    Hiya, So I sent off the form to Westbury with my full medical history and opticians report etc... Today I got a letter saying that I have been deferred because of "6 months of low mood" and that I can reapply when I have met the following criteria: Symptom and treatment free for 2 years -...
  32. WelshWonder

    Question regarding medical forms

    Hi all. First of all, apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place, I'm still trying to get my head around these forums. With that said, onto the matter at hand - I've recently given my doctor my army medical forms to fill out, about two weeks ago at this point. Since then I've been...
  33. R


    Hello, I have recently attended my local selection board at pirbright and I passed. However at my selection they asked about anxiety and back problems. I used to suffer from both but when I made my medical declaration it wasn't on my records. Since though I went to my doctor about it just to...
  34. O

    Someone help please

    So bassicly I applied for British army full time in jAnuary done the interview passed , sent of my medicals and it came back I've been defered due to misuse of cannabis 3 years ago the thing is when I went to see the doctor I was having a rough time with life job living with a girl looking after...
  35. L

    Medical rejection and failed appeal

    Hi, I applied to be a CMT in the TA. I went to my assesment centre and aced all the tests but had a medic deferral awaiting a smear test but thats not the issue. I panicked and circled past self harm on the form but i changed my mind as i was doing it but i had already started to make the...
  36. P

    Eczema worth a shot?

    I have spent the last few hours reading about every thread with eczema for any sign that it's a possibility. I also fully understand that everyone is different and there's no better accuracy then from the horses mouth, I'm just looking for an opinion. If you look on the British Army website...
  37. S


    Gents, I am 19. Reservist CMT, trying to find answers on a medical issue. I am a reserve combat medic, waiting for my training and battling with army and civvie doctors for almost a year! 7 years ago I had a completely out of the blue anaphylactic shock to a combination of things, to what the...
  38. Roza

    Do I jump or be pushed?

    I'm 20 years old, been in the army for 4 years on 29th April this year. July 2015 I was passenger in a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury. A month later I was deployed to Poland on exercise, armed only with a sick chit and still very much in pain. It took until November 2015 to even...
  39. L

    medical question - nasopharyngeal angiofibroma

    hey guys. This is a real hard one. Howver if there is any doctors out there or anyone in the *no* help would be appreciated. when I was 19 I was diagnosed with a condition call juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma ( best to google ) which is benign tumor in the sinus. This was removed via...
  40. B

    Should I lie on my medical questionnaire?

    Hi guys, This is my first time posting so apologies if I haven't put this in the correct place or I don't understand some terms etc. I have prescription insoles for my feet to help with fallen arches. I want to apply to the Army Reserves (Int Corps) and have been told by a friend who is an...