1. A

    Medical- misdiagnosed

    Hi all. I was an RNR reserve until 2017 but left due to some personal issues. I was assaulted (outside the military) and a family member died. Obviously I was upset and my GP diagnosed me with anxiety and prescribed medication since. After talking to a counsellor, they don’t think I ever...
  2. D

    PAP 10

    I have been sick recently and have been signed off sick A lot of days for the past 2-3 months ( I can’t say specifically for how many days), sickness is due to mental stresses caused by the army. Medical doctor told me today to come back on Monday for a pap 10 form. What is a pap 10?
  3. 2


    Sorry if this is a stupid question but my boyfriend has really bad hayfever he is currently in basic training. His dry nose has caused nosebleeds he is worried about going to medical because it will be reported to chain of command and he doesn’t want to be medically discharged for it any advice...
  4. T

    Joining the army - Previous taker of Escitalopram (Anti-Depressants)

    Good Afternoon All, I have a phone call with a nurse from my local army recruitment centre tomorrow, and I'm preparing to discuss my medical history which does include 20mg Escitalopram taken daily. The last time I was prescribed them was roughly 4 months ago, but when I told the recruiter on...
  5. A

    "Tumbleweed" phrase, used in Camp Bastion?

    safety critical comms: Is it true that the phrase "Tumbleweed" was a 'heads up" type phrase, used to grab attention in the busy casualty receiving centre at Camp Bastion? ta
  6. V

    Medical records

    Hi, I know this is most likely a pointless thread but I’m lost for answers. I’ve applied to join the the army for over a year now and I cannot attend my assessment centre due to not being able to get my medical records. I have asked my GP for them for months and months on end but I’m being...
  7. Chickenfry

    Anyone know a geezer? If you don't you just haven't noticed XD

    Hey does anyone know a person in the british army who has both ADHD and Mild autism...... I'm just wondering as I need to make a appeal and don't want to waste my ******* time. I had a message from the paras main email address saying that a SGT knew someone with both ADHD and Mild autism and...
  8. T

    Nasal polyps surgery

    I had nasal polyps that were surgically removed a few years ago. Does anyone know if this is a permanent bar in the Army/all branches?
  9. C

    Try and apply or foregone conclusion?

    Hi Guys, I'm currently in the process of changing careers into the tech industry and was thinking of a good complementary second income/skill development opportunity to run parallel. I'm embarking on home studies for 2 GCSEs just to bulk up my quals before moving to IT certs. I had spent a few...
  10. Spencer851


    My medical was all okay, yet in 2017 I went to the physio for some Osteochondrosis. (Basically a growth pain in my knee). Everything is okay now yet my medical has been halted because they need more details and to see if all is okay now. It says on my candidate portal I’ve been deffered, does...
  11. Poppycock

    Herrick Trauma Care Lessons Forgotten??

    One of the few positives to come out of Helmand was the advances in medical care for trauma injuries. I believe huge advances were made specifically in stemming blood loss from IED injuries using quikclot powder, celox dressings, tourniquets, etc I thought those lessons, skills & techniques...
  12. E

    Appeal upheld then not upheld?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen an appeal upheld and then later not upheld? So a Doctor at Lichfield upheld my appeal but asked for evidence I didn't have Coeliac disease and that my Hb1ac (pre diabetes) levels were normal. No problem, so I got my self tested, all good and my GP...
  13. C

    Any Help appreciated

    Hello, I have an issue regarding the medical checks etc. I have been 4 years clear of asthma however on my medical records it says I have had 2 cases of oral steroids used to treat asthma. This is a bar to entry for me however this was apparently used to treat a chest infection not asthma, would...
  14. S

    medical requirements for juniors

    Hi can anyone advise if the medical entry requirements for juniors wanting to join Harrogate are the same as for an adult joining? My 16 year old son has applied but was recently rejected after his medical records show he has a history of migraines. My issue is that he was a child when he had...
  15. H

    Dental Issues

    Hi, I had my front tooth knocked a while back and as a result it ended up snapping in half sideways and in someones head. I managed to get it back and have it glued back on. Im wanting to join the paras and part of the training is milling. If I was to have my tooth knocked out during milling...
  16. DSJ

    Renewal of SGC/FAC - medical report fee

    To the experts out there: I am in the process of renewing my SGC & FAC (through Police Scotland). I was aware that the process had changed in England and Wales to include a fee for a medical report submitted by your GP. I now see that this has extended north of the border as well. Speaking to...
  17. M

    Eczema in the army?

    Hello, I am hoping to join the army within the next few years but I have a question about eczema. When I was a child I had mild eczema in the creases of my arms and was prescribed an emollient gel to sort it out. I know that the army won’t let you join if you have eczema but I had it many years...
  18. D

    Coeliac disease and career progression

    I’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease, for those who don’t know it’s basically a condition where you have to avoid eating gluten for life. The consequences if you do ingest gluten can be quite damaging. The question I have is does anyone know anyone else on service with this condition...
  19. E

    Possible Way Back In.

    Hi all. Ex TA here, left 15 years ago. Really want to get back in to the military, serve and possibly help with MACA or overseas operations. Wishing to join the Regulars, TA or reserves, even the RAF or Navy. Problem is I have H1 H8 hearing. I tried to get back in back in 2012 but Capita...
  20. H

    Colour Blind

    HELLO , I'm 18 and waiting to start my application for the army I am wondering if I can get into the infantry with red and green colour blind or not. Its not bad and I have never had a problem with it but was just wondering. Thank you
  21. 0

    Difference between GDMO and RMO??

    I'm heavily considering a career in the army as a doctor. Currently year 1 of medical school. What happens after the PQO course at Sandhurst? Can you join any regiment (regardless of whether it is a medical reg or not) you want, or are you (as a doctor) confined to only joining RAMC? What is the...
  22. 0

    Difference between GDMO and RMO??

    I'm heavily considering a career in the army as a doctor. Currently year 1 of medical school. What happens after the PQO course at Sandhurst? Can you join any regiment (regardless of whether it is a medical reg or not) you want, or are you (as a doctor) confined to only joining RAMC? What is the...
  23. Terrafir

    Leaving army from CMT

    Right I want to join the Army as a Combat Medical Technician but I want to know what jobs are available in the civilian world after I would leave. Does anyone have any experience with this? I havn't been able to find much information online about the role in the first place, other than the army...
  24. R

    Stretcher Bearers and medical orderlies

    Morning gents I'm reading a book called "Stout Hearts" about British/Canadians in Normandy. The chapter on the AMS is interesting. It says that in a rifle company stretcher bearers were detached from the RAP to each rifle company. Would these men have been RAMC or infantry? Where they medical...
  25. Free Beer (Yesterday)

    Free Beer (Yesterday)

    Wheel the guilty bar steward in Serjeant
  26. theoriginalphantom

    Repeated Theme - Migraines

    check out the first post in the thread that's all about medical stuff and joining up
  27. H

    Ex Regular Army to Reservist rejoiners medical?

    Hi all, After a steady 5 years out i’ve decided to resurrect myself and rejoin, this time as a Reservist also looking to change Cap Badge after some much thought out consideration. Anyone in the loop on what I can expect on a 4 hour medical? and on how strict they are on BMI for rejoiners,this...
  28. F

    I have PCOS can I join the raf

    Hi it's been my dream to be an engineer at the raf for a couple of years now. But I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and i'm being tested for cushing's syndrome and wondering if those are disqualifying factors. Looking at the medical conditions, they reject adrenal diseases which...
  29. N

    Back acne

    Hello, Im am currently waiting on a date for the assessment centre, and I have acne scarring on my back and shoulders with like 3 - 5 active spots and I think a couple cysts not too sure but should I be worried about the medical ?
  30. theoriginalphantom

    I have a question about medical.

    If only there was a thread for medical matters
  31. A

    Dental Nurse / Qualified Nurse

    Hi! I'm looking to join the Army as a Dental Nurse (I am already qualified), I cant find much info online about what its like to work in dentistry in the army (or even the medical side of things)? I have my two night assessment next month so just looking for some background on what its like...
  32. S

    Eyesight standards for RAMC

    Do the army allow people with +8.00 vision in the left eye and +5.25 vision in the right to serve as I’ve heard different things from different people such as it being a case by case basis. I have been to my Afco but they were no help, thank you
  33. C

    RGMD - Claw toe

    I’m about to hand my RGMD into my GP and I have a concern around an operation I had on a ‘claw toe’ in 2009. I know at the time the surgeon explained that the army do not usually let people join with a claw toe but has this changed? I’ve never had any issues with it even with regular long...
  34. ganonville

    Joining the reserves as a paramedic.

    Was looking for some advice regarding reserves recruitment. I am an NHS student paramedic currently and therefore once qualified would like to join as a professionally qualified paramedic officer. However, I am still training and will not be qualified until 2021. I am not sure what my best...
  35. F

    Cronic Sinusitis - broken nose will it stop me?

    Posted this before what on the wrong forum. Hi everyone, looking to get some information on whether this will possibly stop me from joining up? I have cronic sinusitis from a breaking my nose 4 times due to boxing and I have to use a nasal spray up to 5 times a day to be able to breath through...
  36. K


    Goood evening, not sure if I’m posting in the right place or whatever but I don’t know where else to seek help as my army recruiter won’t discuss medical issues with me which is fair enough. I have served in the reserves for a year in 2016 and passed my assessment and went to training. As a...
  37. R

    Medical Deferral, What Now?

    Yesterday, i received a medical deferral for a migraine i had around a year ago. I will have to wait until l April 2020 (14 months from now) before i can even reapply. Obviously i am gutted as i had my heart set on this but such is life and i very much plan to reapply in April of next year...
  38. Q

    ‘Skin dermatitis’ on Medical forms

    Alright Chaps, Filled out the medical forms with the GP today to be sent off. The one and only thing that was put on my form was about me coming to the docs once 2 years ago about dry, cracked skin on my hands. It happened only once, cleared up immediately and nothing like since - the doc wrote...
  39. E

    British Army - Scrutiny TMU

    Hello all, wondering if anyone can help me, i had applied for the British army, but i was not successful due to medical records and received a letter titled 'Scrutiny Temporally Medically Unfit', because this says temporally unfit does this mean i can apply again at a later date?, i plan to...
  40. M

    RAF Nurse Questions

    So I'm a 3rd year Male Nursing student and will most likely be joining the RAF when completing my degree. I just wanted to ask some questions if there are any serving or former RAF nurses. -Is there any choice upon completing your phase 2 training of what specialist area you go into? ( for...