medical form

  1. K

    Medical process

    Hope this in the right place , apologies if not I have never used forums before. But I’m currently joining the reserves and the process of just the RGMD form is being a nightmare with doctors not getting it done and its really dragging out so my question is ,is once the form has been done and...
  2. C

    RGMD - Claw toe

    I’m about to hand my RGMD into my GP and I have a concern around an operation I had on a ‘claw toe’ in 2009. I know at the time the surgeon explained that the army do not usually let people join with a claw toe but has this changed? I’ve never had any issues with it even with regular long...
  3. W

    Army Deferral On Medical Grounds.

    Hi Guys, So first a bit of background I am currently going through the stages of joining the army, I have recently had my Army Brief and Face to face interview before assessment centre. During my admin part of the brief I happened to mention I have a blood condition which I was born with called...
  4. WelshWonder

    Question regarding medical forms

    Hi all. First of all, apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place, I'm still trying to get my head around these forums. With that said, onto the matter at hand - I've recently given my doctor my army medical forms to fill out, about two weeks ago at this point. Since then I've been...
  5. M

    Can I claim on Doctor visit while on leave?

    Hi all I was home to the Republic of Ireland for Christmas and I came down with a rough dose of D&V after a dodgy turkey sandwich. 48 hours of shitting water and the Internet doctors told me to seek medical attention, so I went off to my family GP (Closest med centre was about 120miles away...
  6. J

    Chances of winning medical appeal???

    Hi, I just got my online medical form back and it said I was disqualified. So I called them up and asked what it was that did this. It was because I have previously had asthma (which I haven't suffered from for a 6 years now) and because I have at 2 or more doses of medical steroids for my...