medical discharge

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    Medical discharge tier 1

    Hi all, quite a simple scenario I feel. I have been medically discharged and awaiting my tier although almost certainly tier 1. 05 pension from 2006-15 15 pension from 2015-19 £35k pensionable earnings Can someone tell me the tier 1 total sum approx ? Your help is appreciated I’ve done the...
  2. E

    Medical Discarge without a diagnosis?

    I am writing to ask for some opinions and advice regarding my current situation. I have been serving for 6 years and have been injured and unable to walk without crutches as my legs are not functioning properly. I am currently P0 and this will likely become permanent next month (P8?). I have...
  3. A

    Gallstones from 4years old

    I have applied to join the forces but due to having gallstones i have been rejected as i am apparently medically unfit for service (P8). I was diagnosed at 4 with them and have lived with them for my life, i can only be medically cleared if i get my gallbladder removed and i would be given the...
  4. A Nother Cog

    Medical Discharge P8 AFPS 75/15

    Looking down the barrel of a P8 full med discharge and trying to get my head straight: Feb 2003 - April 2015 ( CPL ) = 12.08 years - AFPS 75 April 2015 - Sept 2019 (possible discharge date, SGT) = 4.4 years - AFPS 15 Final Pensionable Earnings = £37 550 MO reckons straight forward, Tier 1...
  5. J

    Medical discharge appeal

    So basically I want to find put how to go ahead with a medical discharge appeal. I got discharged from Pirbright in week 7 last November due to mental health issues and was told once cleared up and doctor at home was okay with it I can appeal. 6 months later I got the all clear from the doc...
  6. B

    Military Medical Care Entitlement After Medical Discharge

    Are veterans who have a Medical Discharge (MD) entitled to two years of military healthcare? Specifically access to the Regional Occupational Health Team?
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    Medical discharge

    Hello, Newbie here, I’m wanting some advice on my pension and payouts as I am due to be medically discharged from the army. I joined in Feb 2007 and have just sat the Med Board where I have been told times up due to my depression and anxiety. Could you guys help me out with how the lump sum and...
  8. F

    Injury 'Runners knee' 3 weeks before Phase 1 Alpha - Advice needed

    Evening all - It's been 3.5 months since passing ADSC and due to attend Ph1 Alpha in less than 3 weeks time, fitness upto top form....BUT I've gone and ball'sed it right up by overtraining and I've developed runners knee (chondromalacia/PPFS/pain behind knee cap). Physio has prescribed rest...
  9. C

    PhD veteran research: life after injury

    Hello all. Posting this (with Bad CO’s approval) about my PhD project researching life after a traumatic injury. I am currently looking to interview veterans who experienced a traumatic injury, which has led to separation/retirement from the Armed Forces/active duty. My definition of...
  10. P

    Secondary job

    I'm currently awaiting discharge from ITC catterick, I've been waiting now 5 months for my discharge papers. I'm so bored it's unreal and my trade is security I was just wondering if I could work security while still technically in, would this affect anything? I can't stand another day sitting...
  11. S

    Why PVR when you can Immediate Medical Discharge?

    A genuine question for the bear-pit – why PVR when you can apparently Immediate Medical Discharge? It appears that should you pop into the Med Centre and “withdraw consent for your medical grading to be accessible by your CoC” you will find yourself “medically discharged/ retired with immediate...
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    Medical discharge during catterick

    Hello, I started catterick on the 2nd October 2016, only to be told 4/5 days in on the initial medical that I wasn't able to be there due to an injury I suffered in primary school in 2008 (damaged ligaments in my knee) now, as bad as the injury sounds it hasn't caused me any major hassle since...
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    Medical Discharge

    To All, I am part way through my medical discharge route, and up tell now (over the last 6 months or so) i knew **** all about what was happening and what was going on. so i thought it would be a good idea to start a thread and continue to add to it as i go through the process. the only things...
  14. R

    Do I have any chance of joining the British Army?

    Hello I am fully aware of the countless posts on here about asthma and I can guarantee I've sifted through just about all of them however, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I am currently 16 years old and on prescription for asthma which was diagnosed for me at a very young age...
  15. B

    Med discharged for a secong time with the same injury.

    Evening all. Help needed if possible. I was mad discharged in 2005(for the first time) for a non freezing cold injury, both feet, while on exercise at otterburn(shudder) It destroyed my nerve endings and resulted in me waving bye bye at the front gate. Any way I never claimed compensation...
  16. O

    Medical discharge from University Officer Training Corps

    Hello, long term browser and new user of the site here for some help (hopefully!). I was a member of the UOTC and an Army undergraduate bursar during my time at university. I injured my left ankle in 2013 on exercise on a reserve course at Sandhurst. I was hospitalised and x-rayed, but didn't...