medical deferral

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    Will I ever be able to join the army?

    I recently got rejected from the army, for a few things actually. First being a past of anxiety and low mood. Now this one I feel I could possible appeal and be successful as it has been over 2 years and I’m sure if I reapplied in a few years it would be okay but one of the big ones I got...
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    Medication in the army

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    Application withdrawn after operation?

    Hi there, I’m a first time poster after lurking on this site for tips and advice, and thought I’d ask here given Army recruitment are being a bit unclear. I’ve been training all year to get back into shape (losing a few stone in the process) and, having looked into it around March time...
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    Medical Deferral, What Now?

    Yesterday, i received a medical deferral for a migraine i had around a year ago. I will have to wait until l April 2020 (14 months from now) before i can even reapply. Obviously i am gutted as i had my heart set on this but such is life and i very much plan to reapply in April of next year...