medical appeals

  1. J

    Medical appeal team schedule

    Hello all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Anyone know if the medical appeal team will be on leave on the february bank holiday or is it only christmas they don’t work etc. Does anyone have a rough guideline for how long it will take to be reviewed and a descison made? i’ve heard...
  2. S

    Medical appeal

    Hi all, I recently applied for AFC but got rejected due to a medical reasons, I had put on the medical questionnaire that I had aspergers (I am not) so I sent an appeal with medical proof saying that I do not have aspergers. I had a response from them on 13/01/2021 saying they're looking at my...
  3. G

    NEED URGENT ADVICE. Medical issue.

    Hi all. I've applied over two years ago and due to a Doctor giving non updated information on my medical file it resulted in a fail. I appealed it twice with updated information and it finally passed and I went to Glencorse assessment centre. I got in the medical office and sat for 10 minutes...
  4. sanjeeanand

    P8 due to past 1 off episode of Kidney Stone. Likelihood of Level 1a appeal?

    Hi troops! So I got a P8 for a one off episode of a Kidney stone back in 2016. It was a microscopic one and got CT Scanned. The Doctor said it was due to lack of fluids and i’ve never had it before or ever since. Been advised to get a letter from my GP to say I'm fine and a up to date CT Scan to...
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  6. E

    Medication in the army

  7. T

    Prediabetes - Looking to join

    Hi All I have searched far and wide for an answer to this but haven’t had much luck so thought I’d start a new thread. Currently in the application process to join the army. The Capita recruiter has sent off for my medical records. I was diagnosed with NDH (prediabetes) around a year ago. My...
  8. Scottyhardstyle

    RGMD that is in date

    Hey guys, would love some help and info. Back last year (2018) I applied to join as a reserve. So I went through the process and completed my assessment etc. I was then told Litchfield had to wait for my RGMD; I waited and then received a letter saying my application was reject due to a...
  9. Q

    ‘Skin dermatitis’ on Medical forms

    Alright Chaps, Filled out the medical forms with the GP today to be sent off. The one and only thing that was put on my form was about me coming to the docs once 2 years ago about dry, cracked skin on my hands. It happened only once, cleared up immediately and nothing like since - the doc wrote...
  10. S

    RMAS rejected medical

    Afternoon all The RMAS medical assessment team Capita rejected my medical due to a couple of counts of depression I had at university (it was not serious as I never hurt myself or required to go to hospital for a period of time, that is not to say i don’t think it’s a serious issue) to me it...
  11. I

    Appealing a deferral ("migraines")

    I am a 16 year old male (nearly 17) whom have been looking to join the British Army for literally years. I have done my fair share of research into my chosen Regiment and have been preparing myself for AFC Harrogate for quite a while. I just came back from my Selection at ATC Pirbright after...
  12. T

    Failed RGMD for false reasons.

    Got a message through the portal saying I had failed the medical that the GP had to send off. On the message it says I failed due to headaches I had at the start of the year, because I was receiving ongoing medication. I could partially understand that, however I am not on any medication from...
  13. Lswaldron

    Medical Rejected for The Army Reserve.

    I have been trying to join the Army Reserve and I went through the medical screening with the online questionnaire and then the medical review via GP. The GP confirmed that my medical is of true and I am fit to join the Reserve. Weeks later, I get a letter from the medical board rejecting my...
  14. W

    Army Deferral On Medical Grounds.

    Hi Guys, So first a bit of background I am currently going through the stages of joining the army, I have recently had my Army Brief and Face to face interview before assessment centre. During my admin part of the brief I happened to mention I have a blood condition which I was born with called...
  15. P

    Deferred on medical grounds - advice on appealing

    Hello all, This is my first ever post on anything like this so bear with me, apologies if I don't put enough information. I was due to go on initial selection last Friday when someone from Capita phoned me 3 hours before I was due to leave and told me my medical had been deferred...
  16. L

    Medical rejection and failed appeal

    Hi, I applied to be a CMT in the TA. I went to my assesment centre and aced all the tests but had a medic deferral awaiting a smear test but thats not the issue. I panicked and circled past self harm on the form but i changed my mind as i was doing it but i had already started to make the...
  17. N

    Medical Appeal Process Help!

    Hello guys, thanks for reading this. I was born with no middle joints in all my fingers, but I was equally in all my life. However, I failed the medical check because of this and the GP at the RAF medical centre suggested me to appeal it cos the occupational unit could see more than she could...
  18. M


    Hi all i hope you can help. My son applied to officer training academy. He has been PMU by westbury for hypermobility. All because when he dislocated his kneecap the consultant thought he might be hypermobile. This was in a 5min examination. When he went for physio the physyio said he in fact...
  19. E

    Medical appeal for February 2017

    Hello all, I have recently filled out the online medical form and received the following message; Thanks for answering the online Army medical questions. You told us that you have, or have had, one or more disqualifying medical conditions. This means we can’t take your application further...
  20. J

    Chances of winning medical appeal???

    Hi, I just got my online medical form back and it said I was disqualified. So I called them up and asked what it was that did this. It was because I have previously had asthma (which I haven't suffered from for a 6 years now) and because I have at 2 or more doses of medical steroids for my...
  21. M

    The Army and Eyesight - JSP950 issues

    Hello all! I have gone through a bit of a storm with regards to an Army Officers application. Originally, whilst at Uni I applied to join the Reserves to get some experience whilst I was at uni. Only problem being that I had glasses, but i was not at the time (Sept 2013) outside the eyesight...
  22. R

    Do I have any chance of joining the British Army?

    Hello I am fully aware of the countless posts on here about asthma and I can guarantee I've sifted through just about all of them however, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I am currently 16 years old and on prescription for asthma which was diagnosed for me at a very young age...
  23. U

    Medical appeal, please assist!

    I am currently a reserve soldier and have recently put my application in to become a regular officer. I have just received a letter informing me that I am unable to join as I had hip pain in the last 2 years. I did not put this on my form but I believe the GP must have, considering I did visit...
  24. C

    Appeal for lower back pain against rejection, anyone one had any success?

    I was absolutely gutted to receive a rejection for the info on the RGMD. I'm considering an appeal and wondered if anyone had any joy? Here's the backstory: Back in sept 2014 I was doing some serious exercise to get myself fit for rejoining the reserve. While doing a few back squats my lower...
  25. C

    Medical questionnaire...advice please?

    Hi there, I'm sure this has been posted so many times but I have found that I need a bit more advice. So I have applied to the army as a nurse for next year as currently studying to be a nurse in uni outside the army. I was honest about my medical and openly said I have had depression and...
  26. M

    Medical failure - allergies and appeals

    I recently failed my medical because of an "allergic reaction event" which happened a couple of years ago. At the time when I suffered my mild reaction (my lip swelled up) the doctors couldn't determine the exact cause. They asked me what I had ingested and the only thing I had prior was...