1. Bad CO

    Medals for Sale!

    It's been a long time since you were able to donate to ARRSE and get a fine set of virtual medals for your user but they're back! Obviously income is used to keep the site going and fund ongoing development. Mention in ARRSE Gold Cash Medal ARRSE Donation Cross If you fancy some of...
  2. S

    Medal Identification

    I seen someone post something online about miniatures stating Northern Ireland, Falklands with Rosette and IRM in that order. Maybe I’m being stupid but what’s IRM?
  3. D

    Good PR or vomit inducing?

    I just saw this video produced by the Australian War Memorial about pride in wearing medals, featuring three rather fragrant young servicewomen. But, I have to admit that there was a bit of sick in my mouth by the end of it...what do others think? What would a UK version be like?
  4. Tappet

    Queen's Birthday Honours 2017

    Queen honours Westminster attack PC Keith Palmer for bravery - BBC News Looks like PC Keith Palmer, who was murdered during the Westminster attack will be awarded a George Medal, with Andy McNab being made a CBE. Edit: Full list - Birthday Honours lists 2017 - GOV.UK
  5. DSJ

    Replacement Medals - WW2

    Could anyone please let me know of a dealer/company with a good reputation to buy replica medals from? I'm looking to purchase replicas of my grandfather's medals for my mother, I've seen some dealers on Amazon but if any fellow ARRSERS could recommend someone I'd be grateful! Medals to be...
  6. B

    Does anyone recognise these WW1 medals?

    So, this is a real shot in the dark but if there’s anyone out there who has any idea – or can point me in the right direction – it’s all much appreciated. My grandfather was Indian and fought in India for the British (obviously, given India was part of the Empire) during WW1. All I have to go...
  7. A

    WW2 medal order for mounting

    Hi guys , was hoping for some expert advice from you guys who know better than anyone else I'm mounting my Fathers WW2 medals and want to ensure that I get them in the correct order. Here's the list of the medals List of medals 1939- 1945 Star Atlantic Star War medal 1939 -1945 Africa...