1. B


    Hello, I’m just looking through old photos and came across this one. Does anyone know what the numbers on the collar are for? I didn’t know whether they were medals or whether that was his number he was known by. Thank you
  2. Gunnergrandad29

    Medal mounting and display case

    Hi everyone. I sent a request to the MOD for my grandads medals but they were previously issued in 1948. I have got full size replicas for them and I want to make a tribute display case like the attached photos. All U.K websites I have found only seem to have room for one photo but I would like...
  3. Zingari

    Applying for your own VRSM. What gives?

    Is it now normal practice to make application for your own VRSM when you are still serving? I'm currently due a second clasp and in the past I've never made my own application as things have just happened, presumably by someone in Admin making the application on my behalf? This time I've asked...
  4. K

    I know this is a common question

    Ok can anyone settle this please: this is a ongoing 'discussion' between Me (a Brit) and my buddy (an Aussie) can you confirm the order for the following medals and if Two NATO Medals can be worn? and do UN medals take priority? Here are the medals in what I think is right THE (1) are my mates...
  5. G

    Joint commanders commendation

    I have been told that the recipient of a Joint Commanders Commendation for duties on OP HERRICK, results in some additional bling to attach to the afghan medal/ribbon. Does anyone know if this is true?