med discharge

  1. A Nother Cog

    Medical Discharge P8 AFPS 75/15

    Looking down the barrel of a P8 full med discharge and trying to get my head straight: Feb 2003 - April 2015 ( CPL ) = 12.08 years - AFPS 75 April 2015 - Sept 2019 (possible discharge date, SGT) = 4.4 years - AFPS 15 Final Pensionable Earnings = £37 550 MO reckons straight forward, Tier 1...
  2. Roza

    Do I jump or be pushed?

    I'm 20 years old, been in the army for 4 years on 29th April this year. July 2015 I was passenger in a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury. A month later I was deployed to Poland on exercise, armed only with a sick chit and still very much in pain. It took until November 2015 to even...
  3. Stoney1979

    Pax insurance, what a ripped off, completely screwed me over

    Unfortunately Mr stone you're pax claim has been declined, even tho you have been medically discharged, due to an injury at work, that was not youre fault, and you have fully payed you're level 12 crital injury fee every month, we have found a loop hope that we would fully like to use, just to...
  4. W

    AFCS interim, likely outcome?

    I've been awarded a level 13 interim award and it will be reviewed in a year. I go to Med board next week with a strong inclination I will be P8. From experience, does anyone have an idea if interim payments normally go up or stay the same? (I know it's a bit of a generalisation). Thanks.
  5. R

    Removals and DA entitlement after Discharge

    Hello all. This is my first post having just joined. I am being medically discharged on the 28 Dec and am struggling to find a definitive answer regarding any removals and DA entitlement. I have applied to retain my SFA for 3 months after discharge on the merit that i cannot afford accommodation...