1. M

    Vehicle Mechanic - reservist

    Hi all, I've had a quick search out of forum etiquette but couldn't find exactly what I wanted some help with. I am 28 and work for the Foreign Office, currently posted to Kabul, but will be returning to the UK shortly. My main interest outside of work is anything that drives, floats or flies...
  2. MRHQ Team

    Roadside Mechanic

    Join the Team as a Roadside Mechanic This role with The AA is specifically for ex-military through the Military Resettlement HQ Salary: £40k OTE (Guaranteed Min c.£36,765) Locations: London - North East, North West, South East, South West Be there (When the engine’s packed up and the kids...
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    AH64 Mechanics

    M&E Global has over 20 years of experience deploying contract personnel for the British and US defence sector. Find out more HERE
  4. T

    Vechile mechanic

    HI I am thinking about joining the REME as a VM. I have a few questions. I heared that as a VM you don't see much action/combat is that true? What is life like a VM? Also do you get to travel the world? Thank you to anyone who answer's the questions.
  5. A

    HGV / Heavy Diesel Mechanics

    Hello everyone, I am a specialist recruiter for the HGV, PSV and Plant sector who has had great success in the past helping servicemen make the transition from the forces to working in professional organised workshops all over the UK. I would like to speak with anyone who has been trained in...
  6. Confusion

    Can't decide between infantry or trade

    I have ADSC next month and my three choices are 1. The Rifles; 2.Intelligence Corps; 3. Household Caverly. I want to do a combat job (hence Rifles), but if I leave at 40y/o I won't be able to get a high paying job in civvy street compared to the tradesman. So my question is: exactly how easy is...
  7. D


    Looking at VEHICLE & MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN for the three years training with pay. I'm 16 therefore will finish before im 20. However i have seen that there is a 12 year commitment. What exactly does this mean ??? That they can call you whenever within these 12 years however i was...
  8. D

    Aircraft Technician/Vehicle Mechanic Technical Selection Test

    Hi all, I have signed up to be a VM and I understand for trades a TST is taken place on 2 day assessment. I was also thinking of Aircraft Technician but I don't have my C in Physics. I was just curious if I scored high enough in my TST would I be able to become an AT, even though I don't have my...