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    Military Housing - Provided Furniture

    In a weeks time me and my partner move into married quarters - we already have white goods in our current accommodation, but have asked for bed frames, bed side tables etc to make it easier for us. This is our first time moving into married quarters and very unsure what the furniture looks...
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    Thorney island married quarters

    Hi all I'm hoping to post to thorney island. I have heard rumours about the accommodation being a bit dire. I don't know anyone there atm so thought I'd ask on here. I'll be looking for a 4 bed house obviously I'd prefer on the island. Any info on this would be much appreciated like local shops...
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    RLC Driver/comms or Household Cav?

    Evening all, My husband is struggling between RLC driver/comms and household cav. He’s 32 and a civvie HGV class 1 driver currently and wanting to rejoin. Everyone has advised him against infantry due to his age but just wondered what people’s opinions are or experiences of the job roles...
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    Carillionamey wars

    Hi gents and gentettes I am due to move out of my quarter in the coming months and my neighbour is in the process of moving out now. He has had the pre marchout from the new Carillionamey rep and she has gone through the house like a phase 1 section commander. Amongst the many unreasonable...