1. RoyalGreenJacket

    If you park there - I'll have to kill you.

    He must have royally liked that parking space -
  2. C

    New? 'Marine Training Corps'?

    Anyone heard of this before? Marine Training Corps - about us It's not a MOD sponsored Cadet Force, nor are they commissioned officers, but they do wear pips. Are there any actual procedures into forming your own youth club these days, or is it just do it and hope for the best?
  3. JINGO

    The United States Marine Corps.

    The United States Marine Corps. The subtitle of this book “The Expeditionary Force at War” explains the theme that runs throughout this history of the US Marine Corps. The book is part of the Casemate Short History series, and to that end by its nature the book is not an exhaustive background...
  4. C

    Paras or marines

    Should I join the paras or marines as an officer. I'm exactly 50/50 split between the two and can't decide between airbourne or amphibious. I love a good challenge, and I definitely want to be the best of the best. The ultimate end goal is SAS selection, so maybe one would help better than the...
  5. G

    Marine Officer or Guards Officer

    I am considering joining the military as a Marine or a Coldstream Guards Officer for a three year commission when I leave university. I think I would be able to get into either on academic or physical grounds but I am not sure which to choose. It seems like the Guards would be more of a laugh...