1. Rhino_Stopper

    Stoll CEO to run London marathon

    As you all know, Stoll are the leading provider of supported housing to vulnerable Veterans and provide affordable, high-quality housing and support services to over 600 people each year. Their work enables people to lead fulfilling, independent lives.
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine


    TWENTY NINE troops will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday to raise money for the military charity, Tickets For Troops. Read more here
  3. Bris

    Marathon Music

    Ladies/Gents/Assorted creatures, For reasons that escape me now, but were apparently very clear when 6 pints deep one night, I've signed up to run a marathon. In Uganda. Yes, I am aware that there's one that's kind of a big deal closer to my London home, and yes, I'm aware that the country...