1. E

    Oman/Dhofar Maps Mirbat

    Hi Guys I wonder if anybody has any military maps of Oman/Dhofar from the war years tucked away. I have a number of the 1:100,000 series but none of the very limited 1:50,000 series and would like to extend my collection. I am afraid I only have a single duplicate for exchange but that is the...
  2. AsterixTG

    Cool maps site with transparency slider thingy.

    This site is superb - you can look about in Google Maps then move over the transparency and it's fully aligned with OS maps going back to the 19th century. Explore georeferenced maps - Map images - National Library of Scotland Well, I've found it interesting...
  3. jhono101

    French trekking AT exped

    I'm spinning up an AT for 2018 to walk from Switzerland to the channel following the line of the trenches on 11 Nov 1918 (or as close as we can given EOD and other constraints). Conducting several battlefield studies along the way on rest days. The plan is to do this in CEMO carrying a...