long range shooting

  1. F

    Military / Police / Civilian shooting range at Eskdalemuir facing pressure to close / not function

    I did a search, but it seems this has not come up for discussion. I also looks for the rules, but couldn't find any? Especially on SPAM and links being used? Anyway the UK Eskdalemuir gun range, run by Gardner's guns, needs your help... No linkie I'm afraid, but a search on 'Show support for...
  2. itchy300

    Precision Rifle League

    Morning Gents, My attention has been drawn to the PRL and I fancy a crack next year. Does anyone have any experience of this event or similar? It relatively new to the UK from what I've read but looks to be interesting and challenging shooting. I was keeping ba slot for a K98 but I'm going...
  3. CptDanjou

    Long Range in Norway - .338 Lap

    These boys know how to shoot and have some fun, watch it on full screen , amazing scenery ....