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  1. Countryboy

    Ch 5: "The King's Guards - Serving The Crown"

    Channel 5 - Following preparations for Coronation of King Charles III, and the brutal process of training. Pretty good, some interesting bits on chaps doing Ukrainian training one day, then State Funeral the next, or Kenya then, drill practice for the Coronation. And what a great name - Lt...
  2. Spanny

    Israel/Palestine UK pro-Palestine protests

    De ja vu time live from dat der London All organised by that multi-ethnic group: Jewish Lives Don't Matter
  3. theoriginalphantom

    Book Review Living in early Victorian London - Michael Alpert. Pen and Sword books I have this as an e-book and I think the Victorians would approve of this format as their world was full of innovation and invention, much of which is covered in this book. Each chapter covers a different...
  4. Smeggers

    Book Review London at War, relics of the Home Front from the World Wars

    London at War, relics of the Home Front from the World Wars Written by Alan Brooks. ISBN: 978 1 84563 139 0 First Published 2011 Alan Brooks. Alan Brooks is a retired radiologist who has lived in London for most of his life and has a long fascination with it's history, particularly that...
  5. Themanwho

    Book Review Maritime London, by Anthony Burton

    “Maritime London” is, of necessity, designed as very much an overview of a colossal subject: the history of human endeavours on the Thames in London since the iron age to modern day. This is the core purpose of the book, also the cause of its failure. It is presented in the style of a “coffee...
  6. C

    London Based Reserve Units

    Evening All, Just a few quick questions for hopeful new middle aged Reserve. I've been looking for a Central London Reserve Unit recommendation as I'm not overtly fussed of which I join as I work and live in Central London. I've got a few quick questions and perhaps seeking some...

    How many talented rappers, footballers, models or mentors will be stabbed in London in 2020?

    Please let this one last a year, think before you reply. @Tired_Tech you....... As per the original I will add a number, if you can justify it
  8. Rotten Chompers

    Which Reserve Unit?

    Hello, The last time I posted on this forum was more than two years ago when I couldn't decide if I wanted a life in the military or police. I decided on the police and have been in the Met for 2.5yrs now. Now being eligible, I want to start looking at reserve units in the London and...
  9. Captain_Crusty

    Liberation Square

    Liberation Square is the first novel by Gareth Rubin, a journalist who has written for many national newspapers. This is a detective novel with a twist. Over the years there have been many novels and films that have visited the premise that Germany won the war and the UK was occupied...
  10. JINGO

    East of Hounslow.

    Javid (call me Jay) has got it made. He’s a small time drug dealer, he likes a drink, he lives with his Mum in the tight community of Hounslow, he’s just bought himself a new BMW, and he goes to the Mosque on Fridays. Business is good even if his boss is a psychopath and there are no grey clouds...
  11. R

    Police selection, training and operations: can all police officers use force effectively?

    Though one news story has prompted this post, I am also taking into account similar stories, seen over the course of several years, which make me wonder: 1. Are all police officers able - physically and in terms of mental attitude - to effectively use force to subdue suspects? 2. What can be...
  12. Goatman

    Runners - fancy a swift Half?

    Here Y'go fit types... Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2017 - Sunday 8th October Sign up now and join the Combat Stress team to run in next year's Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on Sunday 8th October 2017. This fantastic event is getting bigger and more popular with every passing...
  13. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational 2017

    Now that's what I call HAC Polo 7!... ok its the 7th year its happened! Saturday 2nd Sept 2017. Gates Open at 11:00 Its Back for the seventh year and this time all three HAC Polo teams - Regiment, Veterans and Saddle Club - will be in action this year at the TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational at...
  14. R

    Finsbury Park Mosque attack 19 06 2017 (edited thread title)

    I am posting this out of genuine curiosity, and in the absence of information from other sources. A thread about the apparent terror attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque was published [Edit: not by me] and then removed by Mods. Conversation is continuing in two other threads and is exactly the...
  15. M

    Alice's Adventures Underground

    Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the 'immersive theatre' event of Alice's Adventures Underground. Based in the Vaults, just by (3 minute walk) London Waterloo station, it is an interactive re-telling of the Alice in Wonderland story. Fantastically put together, with loads...
  16. Simon - Quest Magazine


    TWENTY NINE troops will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday to raise money for the military charity, Tickets For Troops. Read more here
  17. moggy_cattermole

    New Met Commissioner Announced

    Met Police appoints first female chief Cressida Dick - BBC News And it's Cressida Dick, to the surprise of not very many. Going through the candidates, her cv - death of Jean Charles de Menezes notwithstanding - has a lot of quite meaty roles to it, particularly regarding Counter Terrorism...
  18. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo & Saraghari Cup 2016

    Yes, its a bit of a mouthful... but Arse members will be pleased to hear that one of the biggest social events The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) organises with in excess of a thousand members of the Regiment, Company and public regularly in attendance is firmly back in the calendar for...
  19. Bris

    Alternative to Brompton Folding Bike

    Fellow ARRSErs, I'll soon be moving outside of London, and will need to commute in by train, meaning I'll no longer be able to cycle/run in to work from my flat. There terminal station for the train is still about 4 miles from my work, and rather than go on the underground I'm going to use a...
  20. Bris

    Property; 1 hour from London

    Hi ladies/gents, I'm looking at buying myself a bachelor pad, somewhere within 1 hour [motorbike] commute of Canary Wharf. I'm looking at a 2 bed place, budget up to £200k. Ideally with covered parking or garage. Any ideas? I'm already sniffing around Rochester, bug anyone know anywhere...