1. untallguy

    Logistics in World War II 1939-1945

    Logistics in World War II 1939-1945 by John Norris sets out to explain the logistic systems II 1939-1945 employed by the major warring nations in World War II. It covers a range of issues and examines a number of theatres. I was interested in this book for professional and academic reasons (I...
  2. untallguy

    Caesar's Great Success

    Caesar's Great Success by Alexander Merrow, Agostino Von Hassell and Gregory Starace is subtitled Sustaining the Roman Army on Campaign. I'll be honest - the subtitle sells the book short and there is much more to it. I found this to be a curiously interesting book. It purports to be about how...
  3. MRHQ Team

    Collections Driver

    Whistl currently has an exciting opportunity to join our transport team in our depot based in Iver. Working alongside the Transport Supervisor and the team you will play a key role in transporting mail and products as required. The Main Purpose of the Role: To collect post from collection...
  4. MRHQ Team

    Increasing Ex-Military employment - Service leavers & Veterans

    If you are leaving the forces and are in your resettlement phase with a few months to go or have been out for 10+ years, you can use the platform as well, it is prime time to start planning your exit from the military once you have been signed off from your RCMO. Get ahead of the game and take a...
  5. Trilby


    Ordnance' sets out to tell the story of "the provision of equipment and armaments from raw material through manufacture to the supply routes that gave the British Army all the material it needed to win the war. It is a story of some failures, but also of ingenuity and effort on the part of...