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    Help needed! Searching for night nav aid

    I'm looking for a bit of kit that I've seen someone use but he didn't know the name of. It's a round piece of glass that looks similar to a small magnifying glass. It allows you to read a map in the dark via increasing the ambient light. Any help appreciated, cheers
  2. M

    Infantry enquiry

    I'm hoping to join Harrogate in the next year or so and I'm hoping to join the paras or the guards,m y questions to myself are should I join paras, reg infantry or LD, I like ceremonial but im still deciding on wether or not I would personally want to make a living of it, my main concern is that...
  3. B

    Light gunner or AS90 gunner?

    Im applying soon and im not sure if i want to be a light gunner or an AS90 armoured gunner, anyone have any advice?