1. S

    Intelligence Corps

    Hi guys, I have been thinking of joining the Army for a long time now, I am currently at uni. I got a couple of questions in regard to what the one-year training at Sandhurst is like and about life after the training. 1. When you start the training do you get to decide what role you will do/...
  2. Asmod

    How did the Army change you?

    Hello, So I have been looking at signing up recently, and one of the reasons I'd like to join the forces is to get abit of life experience. So what I'm interested in knowing is if/how the army changed your personal perspective on life, how it changed you and what life lessons you've learnt...
  3. Asmod

    Infantry or Armoured Engineers

    Hello, So I have been looking into the army, aside from the fact that i have always been drawn to it, I'm sick of civvie life. I am immediately drawn to the infantry as I like the whole "purest form of soldiering" aspect. I love risks and doing anything that gets the adrenaline pumping, also...