1. J

    AOSB Lecture Topics

    Hi All, I've been looking for some information about the lecture that you have to give at Main Board but haven't been able to find anthing concrete. I was just wondering how specific the options you are given are, for example, i have on my CV that I am a boxer; would I be asked to deliver a...
  2. J

    AOSB Lecture

    Hi all, First of all apologies if this has already been posted, I could not find anything on it and it is a silly question to start a thread on however I would appreciate an answer. I have recently started the application to become an officer. Could anyone elaborate on the standard of the...
  3. guzzijon

    Bogdanor on the Falklands

    Tonight (Thurs 24th March 22.00-23.00) on the BBC Parliament channel. Recorded coverage of the lecture by Professor Vernon Bogdanor on the Falklands War and its political impact. The lecture took place on the 8th, here:- The Falklands War, 1982