1. A

    Should I leave halfway through training?

    I'm am currently 6 months into AFC Harrogate and I'm starting to consider whether joining the army was the best thing to do. I am currently aspiring to join the rifles but I've met a lot of servicemen that have told me to think twice about joining the army as this really is not what it seems...
  2. Lizzerd

    Help with DAOR / LEAVE AS UNHAPPY Soilder

    Hello I'm currently at AFC Harrogate and I wish to DAOR but I dont ive been told about leave as an unhappy soilder I'm not sure the difference between the two is and if they have any effect on me joining later on in life ? Any help would be a great help
  3. Chelseaalouette


  4. M

    Momentum Security Recruitment

    Hi All, I am an ex Royal Green Jacket, now working for Momentum Security Recruitment. Take a look at the and the jobs on offer: www.momentumsecurity.co.uk You can send you CV to peter@momentumsecurity.co.uk We have a number of roles available to those leaving the forces. The Current hot job...