1. P

    Do I have to take leave if it's enforced?

    Morning. My official last day in the Army is Jan 29th and including all my leave (43 days on card and 29 days restlement leave days, these 29 are not working days they include weekends also) and I have been told that I must take summer leave (15 days) as they cant do anything for me in those...
  2. M

    Can I claim on Doctor visit while on leave?

    Hi all I was home to the Republic of Ireland for Christmas and I came down with a rough dose of D&V after a dodgy turkey sandwich. 48 hours of shitting water and the Internet doctors told me to seek medical attention, so I went off to my family GP (Closest med centre was about 120miles away...
  3. M

    Joining the army, girlfriend near full term pregnancy

    Hi all, I'm joining the army as a regular, I've been to selection and offered a PCC in january for 30 days then on to phase 1 a week later. Im not sure when in january, its not set in stone just yet but my girlfriend is due to give birth on the 28th january. Will i be entitled to leave during...
  4. CRmeansCeilingReached

    Boris Brexit Downfall video: Well, that escalated quickly...

    Some of you may already know that I made a little video on Sunday, and stuck it on YouTube. Apparently it's become quite popular, and got almost a million hits in 4 days. Just want to reassure you all that fame hasn't changed me one bit; I'm still fat and unemployed :)
  5. Guns

    Results are in and it is leave the EU

    This thread is to discuss the Leave result for the referendum. What next? Who will lead negotiations? This is current affairs and normal posting rules apply.
  6. cpunk

    Combined EU Referendum thread

    As Labour and the Lib Dems don't want us to have a referendum, let's have our own.
  7. M

    Premature Voluntary Release

    Hi all. I've been giving a lot of thought to enlisting but my one big hang-up is to do with return of service. I want to serve in the infantry but 4 years seems like it could be too much. I'm not ruling out the possibility that I love life in the army, because I think I might, rather I don't...