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  1. Cynical

    Where The Tempest Gathers

    The author, an American, was educated at St Paul's School (on of the best English public schools), studied philosophy at UCL, law at Westminster and then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a private soldier. Demanding to join the infantry. Clearly not a typical entrant to the USMC...
  2. untallguy

    Leadership In War

    Correlli Barnett’s Leadership In War has been out for a few years now (it was first published in 2012 and then again as a revised edition in 2014). It examines national leaders, both political and military, across a number of wars and is not shy of criticising or praising its subjects. The...
  3. Auld-Yin

    Valor in Vietnam 1963-1977

    The author is a former regular US Army officer who served in Vietnam from 1966-67 until he was severely wounded, losing both legs below the knee. In this book he brings tales of 17 incidents, people who he shows as courageous. Some survived some did not, that is not the criterion for...
  4. Cynical

    The Prime Ministers

    There is a saying in the Army that an officer’s annual confidential performance report tells the reader at least as much about the author as it does about the subject. This seems to be the case with this book, which comprises the author’s reflections on the leadership of recent prime ministers...
  5. Cynical

    Unleash Your Leader - How to Win in Business

    It used to be a mantra at Sandhurst that while leaders may or may not be born or made, everyone benefits from thinking about how they lead, and how they might lead better. If this is true of leadership in highly structured armed forces it is even truer in the more chaotic word of commerce...
  6. R

    Keyboard warrior upsets the Brass

    I searched but could not find a link... Soldier charged after 'going rogue' during computer game on virtual battlefield Three weeks of gaming - I could just wish for at the moment but apparently, the Brass don't like it when someone returns a result on their training scenarios based around...
  7. D

    Recommended Podcasts like Jocko Podcast

    Although there is a 'what podcasts do you recommend' thread, I wish to be a little selfish and get some opinions on my current favourite and where to go from here. I am currently listening to Jocko Podcasts with only a handful left to listen to whilst travelling around. For those of you...
  8. P

    Turn the Ship Around

    The book is written by a retired U.S.Navy officer. It starts by detailing his time in the nuclear-powered submarine fleet, where he served on attack submarines and ballistic missile boats. There was an autocratic top-down leadership in place at the time whereby, if an officer saw a problem...
  9. Cynical

    Why We Fight

    This book is potential dynamite and you should read it. The author holds a degree in Biology was an Army Officer and is a visiting War Studies research fellow at Kings College London. An earlier book, An Intimate War, covered his experience fighting in Afghanistan and the thoughts provoked...
  10. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Trainee Assistant Site Manager

    We're ideally looking for candidates that have strong leadership and management skills, who have the ability to think outside the box, problem solve and work under pressure, whilst maintaining the very highest of standards. If you have experience related to construction, so much the better, but...