1. JK and Maktoum.jpg

    JK and Maktoum.jpg

  2. plant.jpg


    Physical Plant
  3. Patient Room.jpg

    Patient Room.jpg

    Single Room
  4. P1250010.jpg


    Picture frame
  5. KKMCH.jpg


    Hospital Front
  6. Khobar Cornishe.JPG

    Khobar Cornishe.JPG

    Khobar beach
  7. Khobar Cornish Mosque.JPG

    Khobar Cornish Mosque.JPG

    Khobar Cornish
  8. Hungry Bunnies Roundabout Khobar.JPG

    Hungry Bunnies Roundabout Khobar.JPG

  9. Hospital Gardens.JPG

    Hospital Gardens.JPG

    Hospital Gardens
  10. Hospital ER.jpg

    Hospital ER.jpg

    Hospital West side
  11. Hospital Air Medevac.jpg

    Hospital Air Medevac.jpg

  12. HK DoN.JPG

    HK DoN.JPG

  13. HK playing with the boys...again.JPG

    HK playing with the boys...again.JPG

    Boys and girl
  14. Arielview KKMCH Accn.jpg

    Arielview KKMCH Accn.jpg

    King Khalid Military City Hospital
  15. Red Hander

    The Saudi Blockade of Qatar - can anyone explain what is going on?

    Qatar row: Calls for diplomatic talks to end Gulf crisis - BBC News I'll be honest, I follow certain areas of the Middle East but the Qatar situation is new to me. Is the issue that Qatar is being too friendly to Iran? How far will the KSA and US go to get Qatar back onside? Has Trump abandoned...