How many talented rappers, footballers, models or mentors will be stabbed in London in 2020?

    Please let this one last a year, think before you reply. @Tired_Tech you....... As per the original I will add a number, if you can justify it
  2. Nemesis44UK

    Clarification on purchasing knives

    I do a bit of camping with my kids and am looking towards getting away for a few days during the summer holidays. This year, as the kids are both into Bear Grylls, I'd like to have a bit of a "survival weekend" and invest in a knife to make kindling, shelter building etc. A bit of Sennelager joy...
  3. A

    Proposed changes to knife legislation

    The government have published proposed changes to legislation for consultation. This is in an effort to curb the use of weapons such as knives and acid. Offensive and dangerous weapons: new legislation - GOV.UK It looks like yet another populist knee jerk reaction by the government. They need...