1. D

    Belt Kit

    Morning folks, I’m not in the military but my old man was. I’m a Police officer on a tactical unit and was just wondering what’s the best way to attach a NATO ( riot) helmet to my belt kit. The issues I have is the clips I have tried are a nightmare to unclip with thick gloves on. Any...
  2. A

    Problems with Military Equipment

    Hello All, I am currently studying A-Level Product Design, this involves identifying a problem and developing a product to solve it. As an aspiring officer (currently applying for the scholarship scheme) I have chosen to explore the theme of the military. I am therefore researching problems...
  3. chuggafugga

    Practical kit ideas?

    A guy has come along whom actually makes decent kit for me and does a good job, using UK spec buckles, fabric and the rest, after actually flogging it to some squaddies it's come up decent, any one got any practical ideas on what we are currently lacking so I can put them forward to him? I've...
  4. D

    Best Leatherman?

    My boyfriend lost his leatherman a while back and I want to get him a new one before he goes away with work. What's the best one to get for a marine? I've had a look at the MUT one which seems to be the most all singing/dancing but is it a bit too flashy? I'm pretty sure he said his last one...
  5. Kash_Tendies

    Anyone know what kit is actually issued now?

    So I’m starting phase 1 training in a few days and I was curious what kit is actually issued to recruits now? I’ve looked around for a comprehensive list which is up to date but came up short. Do they issue the little things like boot polish and polish kits? I’ve been watching some videos of...
  6. Kash_Tendies

    Anyone recommend any kit items for Training?

    So I know this sort of thread gets posted a lot but I start phase 1 in a few weeks and I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on miscellaneous kit I might want to bring. so I’ve got all the items listed on the official army kit list I.e. wash kit, towels, boot polish kit etc. and...
  7. Noob1

    Phase 1 basic training kit help/ advice needed

    I’ll keep it short and to the point all advice good and bad is welcome:D I’m starting my phase 1 training in 11 days in pirbright and have bought most of the kit on the kit list however I’m struggling with where to get some of it from/ the requirements. If anyone has any links for the right...
  8. A

    Unknown wind stopper made out of an old parachute

    Hi lads, I was on exercise a few weeks back and a lad from another section whipped out a wind stopper that was made from an old parachute and was obviously very efficient and compact due to this, does anyone know of company’s that make these or would be able to tailor one? Cheers
  9. K

    Longback bergen

    Extremely stupid and there's a high chance I haven't done as much digging as I should have done. But does the long back bergen sit above the webbing if you are roughly 6" (given that your webbing is set up to the typical height)?
  10. robbo2347

    1157 Kit List

    Where can I find a kit list guide of what an Army Reserve Soldier should be issued?
  11. C

    Bivi bags

    I've just come into possession of a Dutch army hooped bivi bag. Pretty decent piece of kit all told. I have a question though. Does anyone know what the straps are for that are located on the back/underneath of the bag. There are one on each shoulder, one big one right across the middle and two...
  12. B


    Right, so I've moved to a new unit where my lockers fucked and the first week of being there some count has stolen my respirator.... I don't want to bring it up to squadron just yet as i don't not know how much I will get billed? Does any dusty QM know how much I will get billed???
  13. G

    New boots won't shine

    I got a new pair of altberg defenders and I've also got leader Gris mod brown. No matter how much I polish them they won't shine or at least look smart. I need this squaring away before next Thursday as we have a st David's day parade with HM the Queen.
  14. thegimp

    The eponymous "Hajj blanket" aka non standard sleep system

    I've put this in the "Kit" forum. Partly a reminisce and a current kit recommendation I've spent 20 years in the shit holes of the world from ninja cold places in the arctic circle to the super heated during the day, B20 cold at night turd bowls The two common denominators in all these places...
  15. STABross

    Bulldog ECU2

    Anyone ever tried a pair of Bulldog ECU2 trousers? They look similar to Crye Precision's combat trews but they go for 79.99 on UKMCpro. Saw one review of a bloke who says they're just as good as Crye but he's an airsofter so his opinion doesn't really count for much. Bulldog ECU2 Combat...
  16. J

    RMAS Issued boots

    Right fellas! I need a new pair of (walking) boots and thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and buy a pair boots that I would get issued at basic training and/or sandhurst (depending on if I pass my AOSB) to a) get used to boots instead of using trainers for everything and b) have a pretty...
  17. thegimp

    TENTS, views, reviews, advice

    I'll give this a punt in here, never know there might be some tent fetishists hanging around arrse I'm looking at getting a tent. Not a plastic fantastic from Halfords. Something a bit more comfy I'm looking for something that I can have a wood burner in and a bit of space toying with the...
  18. Will Glento

    Anyone have a clue what this is?

    I run the stores at an ACF detachment and the old commanding officer was a hoarder of all things related to the military. One day I got a bit curious and decided to go through some of this old kit and found seven of these green bags of a plastic / rubber substance containing a toll roll...
  19. Big Avo

    Adapted Kit

    Hi everybody, I have heard of people adapting kit to make things that little bit more bearable in the field and was wondering if anyone else has come across any ways kit has been adapted. I have heard of people adapting Car Chargers so that they can run from the Land Rover Dash Power Supply.